The music you are hearing is to introduce the new Radio Corrales audio channel, sponsored by our local businesses.

We feature music from independent artists in the library, as well as local performers (such as Alison Reynolds, Bambi Wolf, and Ed Beaver) who provide tracks, so when you hear a great entertainer at a restaurant, bar, or house concert... please get their business card and send us their information!

In the near future, we will be removing the demo audio spots that are currently on the station. If​ you would like information about advertising on Radio Corrales, join our notification list and we will keep you informed.

"Seriously, I didn't want to turn it off..."

"Finally got a chance to listen for a bit. . .great station! Lots of wonderful musicians on there. Seriously, I didn't want to turn it off like I do some other stations (I find they get a bit boring!) Good job on this! I am really honored to be part of it."


-Alison Reynolds (Featured Musician, Las Cruces, NM)