So what is the purpose of a VOvidi?

When working with a small business owner, an artist, a musician, a service provider, the director of non-profit organization, my goal and my challenge as a web designer is to capture the passion that brought an enterprise into existence and keeps it moving forward, and translate that passion to an online experience.  We have designed the VOvidi product to do this like it's never been done before.

What makes a VOvidi so unique?

The real challenge of making a promotional video that features a person providing an explanation of their services or products boils down to three major problems:  

1) it's a video, and there are so many things that need attention and have to be controlled for it to look and sound really good

2) it features a person who is most likely NOT comfortable in front of a camera, especially in video mode 

3) preparing a presentation or explanation that can be delivered to a video camera can take many hours, if not many days.

While starring in a video is not something that many people are comfortable doing, almost everyone performs and demonstrates and persuades and explains dozens of times a day, in person or on the phone, as they answer questions posed by people who are interested in what they do.  With no preparation or warning whatsoever, in the process of answering a single question, that critical passion is conveyed in a manner that no rehearsed or prompted video could ever hope to do.  

So... we rarely use a video recording device when producing a VOvidi promotional video.​

​Instead, our seasoned professional interviewer will give you a call and chat for ten or fifteen minutes, asking a few questions like the questions you are asked every day, plus some that you WISH people would ask!  The entire conversation is recorded.

​The interviewer then goes through the conversation and distills your comments to the essence of of your message... gets to the soul of your wit... and crafts a narrative in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt: "Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated."

Our goal is to craft a finished video that will comfortably fit within the attention span of the average information consumer: 3 minutes.

The interview is then sent to our professional photographer who will schedule a visit to capture images to go along with the voice track.  

Then the voice track and the images go to our video producer for final assembly into your VOvidi.

Upon completion, we provide you with the entire video file in .mp4 format, 1080p resolution, so that you can upload it to your own Youtube channel and Facebook fan page, create a video landing page or embed it elsewhere on your website, provide links in your emails, tweets, etc... you'll find LOTS of ways to use your VOvidi!

Compared to a traditional video, how do production costs compare?

Who can benefit from a VOvidi?

How do I schedule a VOvidi production?